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Paper Pulping Machine

AGICO offers a complete paper pulping system to transform waste paper into high-quality and smooth pulp. Please feel free to contact us!

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What Is Paper Pulping Machine?


Paper pulping machine is also called paper pulper machine. In the egg tray production line, it is the main equipment of the first production stage, waste paper pulp making. In the pulper, different types of waste paper (raw material) are mixed with water under high-speed stirring, and the fibers are separated to form a pulp with a certain concentration. After further processing, the pulp will be sent to the egg tray making machine, entering the next production stage. Egg Tray Manufacturing Process >>

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1. Paper Pulping Process

2. Egg Tray Molding Process

3. Egg Tray Drying Process

4. Egg Tray Packing Process

Equipment In AGICO Paper Pulping System


AGICO provides customers with paper pulping systems of different capacities, including various paper pulping equipment and civil works required.

Paper Pulping Equipment

AGICO manufactures all equipment required in paper pulping systems. We offer equipment customization service, no matter what output and color you need. Please feel free to contact us!

Pulp Beater

The pulp beater is installed in the pulp refining pool. It continuously stirs the paper pulp, making the pulp smoother and more uniform. It is easy to install and has a good homogenization effect.

Pulp Pump

The pulp pump is used to deliver paper pulp between the pulp pools and the egg tray machine. It provides power and pressure for the continuous delivery of pulp and makes the layout of the egg tray production line more flexible.

Water Pump

The water pump is a water conveyor in the egg tray production line. It provides a constant flow of water to the hydraulic pulper.

Hydraulic Pulper

The hydraulic pulper preliminarily processes waste paper into paper pulp through rotary stirring. It is equipped with a sieve plate inside to screen out impurities, and then discharge the qualified pulp into the pulp pool.
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8m3 paper pulper

Working Principle

ZDS hydraulic pulper can work under the condition of high temperature and high concentration and basically does not reduce the pulp properties of waste paper. It is mainly composed of the machine body, impeller, rotor, sieve plate, machine column, and so on. When the impeller and rotor rotate, the water is driven to form a vortex, which causes strong friction between the waste paper, thereby separating ink particles and fiber. In addition, the rotor and helical blades only peel off the light substances (such as plastic films) in the waste paper, and will not form debris, so they are easy to be screened.

Civil Work

In the paper pulping system, in addition to the necessary pulping equipment, we also need to build some civil engineering, such as pulp refining pool, pulp pool, water pool, etc. AGICO will supply drawings and send technicians to assist customers to complete the civil construction work.

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Is There An Paper Pulping System Suitable For You?  We Will Recommend You According To Your Specific Requirement And Give You More Detailed Information And Price!

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Working Principle Of Paper Pulping System

Different kinds of waste paper are sent to the hydraulic pulper filled with water by belt conveyor or manpower. Through constant stirring, these papers are gradually fused with water and decomposed, forming a certain concentration of fiber suspension. The suspension is filtered through the sieve plate to remove impurities, leaving only pure paper pulp, which is sent to the pulp pool by the delivery pipe for temporary storage. After that, the paper pulp is sent into one or more pulp refining pools through pulp pumps and is continuously stirred and homogenized by the pulp beater. At this stage, we can add chemical additives such as pigments. Next, the homogeneously paper pulp will be sent to the egg tray machine through the pulp pump for production.

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